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I read somewhere that agriculture is also an art, besides being a science. I didn't quite get it until I meet Nong Tiloy, the farmer.

Nong Tiloy considers the land as a wide canvass on which his dream of abundance is being painted. In silence, he tills his field with utmost care so that crops would grow and bear fruits for his family and for the community. He ensures that the crops are arranged in a way that the soil fertility is maintained and enhanced. He is quick to see areas that are prone to erosion and he  plants right away madre de cacao to prevent a land slide. When piangaw attacks his upland rice  he ignores them at first. When he senses that their presence gets damaging, he sprays them with pesticide made of panyawan, sili kulikot, luy-a, suka and tabako. 

He plants rose, gumamela and many other flowers  in between tangkong, lemon grass and other vegetables and fruit trees. Every morning he wakes up early to the call of his hungry chickens. Their number is huge, enough to cover his  entire lawn.

At the lower portion of his little field, not less than 100 maturing  tilapia fish compete for  the feeds broadcasted by his 11-year old  son Simon. While Nang Bilay returns home after washing  clothes at the nearby creek with Inday Mely, Nong Tiloy pours steaming corn coffee on  five cups on the dining table that holds newly cooked denurado rice, sinugbang bulad, kangkong salad  and a bowl of boiled native chicken eggs.

"Mangaon na ta!"  Nong Tiloy calls me to join them.

It’s a hearty meal.  Incomparable to any meals at the leading fast-food chain in the cities.
The meal with Nong Tiloy and his family does not only feed my stomach, it does to my mind as well. Now, I like to paint on the same canvass which Nong Tiloy mounts his masterpiece on.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

PGMA extends P1-M for MRF in Mahayag

By Gideon C. Corgue, on 10-10-2009 01:53

San Isidro, Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur – President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo this morning personally handed P1-M check to Mayor Paulino P. Fanilag during the briefing on climate change and solid waste management in San Isidro Central School, to help the local government unit of Mahayag put up a Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF). The briefing was conducted by Undersecretary Carlos A. Garcia, Presidential Adviser on Global Warming and Climate Change and attended by Governor Aurora E. Cerilles, Representatives Victor J. Yu (1st Dist.) and Antonio H. Cerilles (2nd Dist.) local government officials and barangay captains.

The President visited two barangays of the 3rd class municipality of Zamboanga del Sur – Lourmah and San Isidro, as her last leg of journey from her visit to Pagadian City and the municipality of Josefina.

Mayor Fanilag was pleased by the Chief executive’s gesture of help to assist them in putting up MRF in five (5) barangays who accumulate a big bulk of garbage and pose a threat to environmental degradation.
“We are truly blessed by her presence”, Fanilag said, adding that even it is the “first-time that the highest official of the land visited their place, yet she gave good news to us,” Fanilag added.

He said that the amount given will be used to purchase the said equipment which costs P4.5-M.
The national government will give its 40% share - P1.8-M, while the LGU will shoulder the counterpart of 60% - P2.7, to meet the needed amount.

Fanilag said, the LGU counterpart will be included in their 2010 budget.

With the acquisition of MRF, surely it will benefit 5 barangays with enormous garbage, namely: Barangays Boniao , Daniel C. Mantos , Lower Salug Daku,, San Isidro, and San Jose where garbage would no longer be a problem. (PIA-RO9)

Mahayag unveils municipal hospital, water system

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Written by ppb   
Monday, 27 July 2009
Image Water for life and hospital saves lives are two basic services that the local officials of Mahayag are providing to their people after its inauguration recently. Zambosur First Gentleman, Congressman Tony Cerilles on behalf of his wife-governor Auring graced the simultaneous blessing and inauguration of the P28-Million Mahayag Local Water System and newly renovated Mahayag Municipal Hospital last July 23.

In his message, the political patriarch of the province praised Mayor Paulino Fanilag, Sr. and the Sangguniang Bayan led by Vice Mayor Lorna Espina for their political will in taking over the management and operation of then Mahayag  district  hospital vacated by the provincial government as the latter is maintaining a much bigger health facility in the city known as Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center.

Shielded with tarpaulins, the Mahayag constituents like senior citizens, barangay officials, students and teachers listened attentively to the congressman telling them of the Provincial Government’s plan to give autonomy to the local government units in operating a municipal hospital.

“The province of Zamboanga del Sur has long been planning for this.  In fact, during the second term of Governor Cerilles she told the local officials them of the possibility of establishing their own mini-hospital,” the First Gentleman of the province said.

This is the reason why LGUs like Mahayag municipality were challenged to operate a municipal hospital.  It would be an advantage to the LGU to operate because of the capitation share from PhilHealth, he added.

Mahayag followed Dinas municipality to take over operation of a primary hospital after the Provincial Government gave them the opportunity to operate a health facility that could cater the minor ailments of their constituents.

According to Mayor Fanilag, they would hire at least six doctors to cater the health needs of Mahayag and neighboring towns like Josefina, Dumingag, Don Victoriano (Misamis Occidental)

Fanilag expressed confidence that the LGU can sustain the operation of the hospital with at least 3,000 households enrolled at PhilHealth.  “If the people cooperate, no reason we can’t sustain this hospital,” he said.

Meantime, Vice Mayor Espina said that they are waiting for the license to operate to be issued by the Department of Health. 
Atty. Timothy Galvez, chief of DOH licensing division was there during the inauguration for the actual inspection of the health facility. (Remai S. Alejado/Zambosur Press Bureau)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tulay sa salug, Pilas, Mahayag ZDS

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Balding Mt. Pilas and shallowing salug river

Ali, apil ta!

Giawhag ang tanang hingtungdan sa pagpadala sa ilang mga balita, estorya, litrato o video kalabot sa mga panghitabo sa atong tagsa-tagsa ka lugar dinhi sa Salug Valley Currents Online. Bisan ang wala manimuyo dinhi basta adunay kagikan o kaha adunay gibating kutay sa Salug mahimong moapil.

Nagatuo ako nga pinaagi niini atong mahiusa ang atong mga tinguha alang sa kalambuan sa Salug Valley kinsa unang nagsalig sa suba sa salug ug uban pang kasubaan o tinubdan sa tubig nga midagayday gikan sa sabakan sa Bukid Malindang sa Misamis Occidental, Bukid Paraya sa Dumingag, Bukid Pinukis sa Midsalip ug Bukid Pilas sa Mahayag.

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